The Greater Sea Campaign Framework

We are a group of players who run and play a variety of RPG campaigns, but have recently run into continuity problems due to various RL problems and commitments. As a result, we’ve developed a flexible framework into which we can slot a variety of single-session 4e scenarios, each run by whichever DM is available or can make it, plus whatever players can make it. If we know we’re able to make two weeks on the trot, we could even take in some double slots.

The Advantages

For us, the advantages are that we can continue with character development, which we all love, and have some form of framework to the scenarios. But we want a live, fluid framework, one that can continue from session to session with minimal impact. No-one has the overload of running and generating a campaign and we could vary players really easily.

So here it is.

The Greater Sea Framework

The Lords of the Greater Sea, a vast ocean in the world, are perturbed. Their demesnes and lands have disappeared, to be replaced by numerous islands. Their mages tell them that there has been a fracture in the multi-dimensional reality and land from a number another of other worlds and planes has fallen through into the area of sea controlled by the Lords of the Greater Sea.

The players all run one or two characters in a special Ranger/Explorer company attached to the Lord’s main navy. They travel aboard a small caravel, attached to a bigger fleet exploring the new islands, identifying and putting down any problems, and making sure the islands are no threat to the main lands, from which the PCs all come.


The full set Greater Sea Guidelines have been moved into the wiki and will be updated there.

A summary of the guidelines is as follows:

  • Each scenario is a one-nighter, and can assume a balanced party
  • DMs can be anyone, designated at a previous game or even in the preceding week
  • Every player (including part-time DMs) has two, very different, characters
  • Parties are made up from those who turn up on the night, choosing as balanced a party from those characters available
  • All PCs increase in experience gained from teh adventure (the others are off adventuring elsewhere)
  • If a character is awarded a magic item, cash or anything else, then the player’s other character get’s the same level item or the same cash
  • Superfluous cash and healing potions are assigned to the party’s boat for use in the next adventure by whoever turns up.

It’s our style to leave most cash in party funds and invest it in good magic items as soon as we can.

Have fun!

ADS Greater Sea

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