ADS Greater Sea

The Tower of Ice

A glacier shifts to reveal a tower of myth

Legends of the Crystal Tower are rife throughout the lands bordering the Greater Sea, though none knew of its location. But now, a glacier has shifted, and ice has caved from its face into the seas. Where it has fallen stands a tower, perhaps of crystal, perhaps of ice. It rises from the ice as if built upon it, but to each side ice ridges link it to the glacier. Treacherous icebergs grind against each other in the choppy waters and behind it the glacier rises into the overcast sky.

The rangers were enjoying a well-deserved rest when they heard of the tower. Quickly gathering their resources, they arranged the hire of a knorr and sailed south in search of the tower. Now, their small ship rocked in the swell at a safe distance from the walls and boulders of ice. They seemed to be the first to discover the tower but knew there were other adventuring companies coming south to search for the tower.

It seemed impossible to reach the plateau of ice on which the tower stood. Nim, Mobb and Keira, accompanied by two other rangers in the shape of the deva Avenger Ronen and the eladrin Invoker Selaniel, surveyed the sea and ice around them.

Idly cruising up and down the coast for a place to land seemed to waste too much time. Though the icebergs were too tight together for the knorr to sail closer, it was likely the small rowboat onboard may be able to get through a path to one side.



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