1 Ravage of Sendtown Island

Description is in the the adventure log.

Author/DM: kingmobb

Basic topography

A fairly large island with a small fishing town. The population have been decimated by orc sea-raiders and all provisions have been taken. Four survivors have returned to the town.

Treasure Parcels awarded

  • No. 1 Level 5 +1 Flaming longsword (given to Origine, +1 Flaming longsword given to Kathara);
  • No. 3 Level 3 +1 Orb of Inevitable Continuance (given to Nim, & ??);
  • No. 6 Potion of Healing & 130gp (onboard group’s ship);
  • No. 8 100gp Gem (onboard group’s ship).

Other items * Orc dice to Aurkhan/Anin * 5 Red armbands with eye/sigil

Post-Scenario meta-activity

The Lords of the Greater Sea are sending additional colonists to the island to help put it back on its feet.

1 Ravage of Sendtown Island

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