2 The Inverted Keep

Author/DM: Halfbat


The scout ships have discovered a peculiar number of islands, as if an area of a country – or more than one country – has been turned upside down on its transition into the Greater Sea. Can you please confirm this, find out what is there, whether it is useful, and see who has survived?

You will be given a slightly larger ship than your previous ocean-going merchant ship. The caravel has a small crew to do your bidding and can be used to rescue those in need.

Basic topography

Fractured, inverted parcels of land resembling upside-down islands. One is a keep.

Treasure Parcels awarded

Target XP 400. Actual XP gained 320 due to failed Skill Encounter.

  • No. 4 Level 2 +1 Hide of Thunder Resistance (given to Dorian, therefore Hadley has equivalent level 2 armour);
  • No. 7, 10 Total 160gp in Trade goods missed;
  • No. 9 potion of healing plus 10gp (onboard group’s ship);

Post-Scenario meta-activity

20gp used in materials for Comprehend Languages. Tameran, a Venschian Lawkeeper of B’tar imprisoned carefully in a anti-B’tar divinity prison for handling by other members of the fleet; his possessions and ritual book handed over to fleet admiral.

2 The Inverted Keep

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