3 Wizards Hat Island

Author/DM: Halfbat


A tall island has been found: a central peak surrounded by large, flat plains? swamps? Encounters with nearby locals have mentioned dragons. Can you please confirm this, find out how many, if possible (judge the threat: DO NOT engage!), and ascertain anyone else on the island?

Basic topography

Large island (25-30m across), roughly circular, with very tall central peak(s) surrounded by large area of swamp. In some way the island looks like a wizard’s hat with a brim.

Treasure Parcels awarded

556 XP gained due to four characters, not five.

2 * Potions of healing, 100gp, 140gp ivory idol of a dragon

  • Level 1 No. 2* Level 4 wavestrider boots (given to Mobb, similarly Urrak Darral);
  • Level 1 No. 5 Two Heroic Tier potions of healing + 100gp
  • Level 1 No. 10 (Reprise) 40gp (ivory idol of a dragon)
  • Level 2 No. 4 Level 2 Watchful Spirit Totem +1 (given to Keira, similarly Level 2 item given to Beggan’s sorcerer)

Post-Scenario meta-activity

TBA – money to be assessed

3 Wizards Hat Island

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