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The Commission

The Lords of the Greater Sea gave this Warrant of Authority to the intrepid Oceanic Rangers.

Scenario Track (in reverse)

Note that cash is now grouped rather than individualised. It was felt by those most frequently attending that it would be more helpful given the need for magic items.

6. The Lost Boys

Level 2: 480XP each (2346XP) & ~860gp each. Adventure Details

Plot hooks: None – taken whilst on furlough

Money to Date: 1526gp + the various magic items and potions

5. ?

A lost scenario? DMed by Beegan, but details not uploaded.

Level 2: 300XP each assumed.

4. The Tower of Ice

Level 2: 250XP each (1566XP). Adventure Details

Plot hooks: None – temporary break from the main fleet to chase after a rumour

3. Wizard’s Hat Island

Level 1-2: 556XP each (1316XP). Adventure Details

Character’s Claimed: Oops. Hadley (Hu Rog) and Saleran (Hu Wiz)

Plot hooks: Dragons found. Despite this, a large group of orcs with red armbands are making their way to tall mountain at the centre of the island. Why?

2. The Inverted Keep

Level 1: 320XP out of 400XP Adventure Details

Plot hooks: The discovery of the Venschian transplanted race, their inverted, torn lands, their massive use of constructs, and the fact that they make red armbands with a complex sigil.

1. The Ravage of Sendtown Island

Level 1: 440XP each. Adventure Details

Plot hooks: A large group of orcs in several raiding vessels wearing armbands in red with sigil or eye of Gruumsh upon it. Who does it represent?

Character Track

Current Level: 3 (After adventure 6)

  • Halfbat: Aurkhan ‘I like my friend Nim’ Willowfriend (Goliath Warden, m., treehugger) & Anin Goldsinger (Dwarf bard, f., drummer & luteplayer)
  • Beggan: Keira (Dwarf shaman, f., Great Bear spirit) & Maveith (Goliath barbarian, m.)
  • Larri: Origine (Deva paladin of Pelor, m.) & Kathara (Human rogue, f.)
  • SJ: Nim ‘See, you couldn’t have done it without me’ The Magnificent (Gnome wizard, m.)
  • symonleech: Hadley the Useful (Human Rogue, m., d. Adventure 3) & Dorian (Human warden, m.) & Badley (Human Rogue, m.)
  • kingmobb: Urrak ‘Look, I survived, ok!’ Darral (Dwarven Avenger) & Mobb (Warforged Fighter) & Content Not Found: Munnin (Dwarf, m., Cleric/Pacifist Healer)
  • oWaxmano: Telaric Sunder (Dwarf, m., Artificer), Content Not Found: Selaniel (Eladrin, m., Invoker) & Saleran (Human wizard, m., d. Adventure 3)
  • Zeorima: Ronen (Deva, m., Avenger) & Content Not Found: Vestra (Dwarf, f., Druid)
  • 56: Lucan (Elf, m., Ranger)

New Races, religions, NPC classes

  • The Venschian – an arrogant, domineering, evil, but law-abiding transplanted race who make great use of constructs.
  • B’tar – the god of the Venschian, his sign (on a red background!) and brief details on the dangerous Lawkeeper of B’tar NPC class
  • Wyrmkin – small, primitive but fundamentally peaceful dragon-worshipping creatures

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