Sigil of Btar

The Venschian chapels, ornaments, constructs and labels all bore a symbol resembling that to the right. Sometimes the central symbol was in red whilst the outside was in another contrasting colour, such as black, white or yellow. Many just had the central symbol stitched onto their clothing in red.

It is believed the sigil is that of B’tar, their god of war and domination. Lucky for those in the Greater Sea, that god has no dominion in this universe and in these planes.

At least, for now.

Lawkeepers of B’tar.

The Venschian have a group of specialist religious fanatics, the Lawkeepers, who circuit from chapel to chapel and from priest to priest ensuring they are in compliance with the laws of B’tar. Some of their powers stem from the divine power of B’tar; others are as a result of very intense martial arts training; still others a combination of the two.

The Lawkeeper has a singular ability to turn his hands into weapons of destruction, particularly when enhanced by his god. This is called an Open Hand attack and can only be used when unarmed. Through training (Class feat, Open Hand Training), a Lawkeeper’s unarmed damage is +1d6, though any take feats (Open Hand Strike, Weapon Focus(Open Hand), Weapon Training(Open Hand)) to increase this to 1d8 or add +1 to attack or damage.

Typical powers are as follows (note that Divine powers cannot be used on this plane):

  • Asp Strike Slide 1 square towards opponent before the attack; Wisdom vs. Reflex; 1[W] +Wisdom modifier damage. Level 1 at-will; Martial, Open Hand
  • Flare of B’tar Ranged 10 attack. Level 1 at-will; Divine, Implement
  • Armour of B’tar Adds +2 to AC and Reflex for rest of encounter when holding nothing but an implement. Adds +2 to any defense against other Divine attacks. Level 2 daily utility; Divine
  • Studious Servant Reroll one Religion check you do not like the look of before knowing the result of the check. Level 2 encounter utility
  • Darting Fish Shift a number of squares equal to your Wisdom modifier. Level 2 encounter utility; Move
  • B’tar’s Vengeance Close Burst 2 radiant attack. Level 1 daily; Divine
  • Reinforcement of B’tar Wisdom vs. Fortitude; 2[W] damage + Wis radiant damage (Divine) + 5 ongoing radiant damage (save ends, Divine). Level 1 encounter; Open Hand, partially Divine: divine aspects do not work!

A sample, usable Lawkeeper is given below:

Sigil of Btar

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