The Venschian

The Venschian are an amoral, hardy, humanoid race from a far away, discontinuous universe, the venschian are masters of constructs and worshippers of a single god and his minions: B’tar .

Though similar to humans, physically, they are more stocky and a little shorter. They are sturdy, have square features and solid jaws, dark hair and slightly angled, large eyes. Their ears are similar to humans.

Their focus on their worship to B’tar and his teachings gives them a great strength of will and a strong sense of law. Whilst many have developed simple prayers from their racial Channel Divinity power, on this plane their powers are severely curtailed. What isn’t hampered is their great use of constructs to defend themselves, to use as disposable cohorts in battle, and even for transport.

The Venschian are arrogant, brutal and domineering. Their natural though is that they rule the world. Their following of B’tar, coupled with their Blessed of B’tar ability enforces and encourages this thinking. There biggest weakness, though, is hatred for water and the sea. Though they are predominantly clerics and users of divine power, on the plane of the Greater Sea their powers are curtailed and they will have to start again. They are most likely to take up service to Bane, the god of war and conqeust, and could well ally themselves to Gruumsh, the lord of destruction.

Racial Traits

The racial traits of the Venschian are as follows:

  Average Height: 5´2˝— 5’8”
  Average Weight: 120 — 180 lb
  Ability Scores: +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom
  Size: Medium
  Speed: 6 squares
  Vision: Low-light
  Languages: Venschian
  Typical Alignment: Unaligned or Evil
  Skill Bonuses: +2 Arcana, +2 Dungeoneering; optionally -5 to swim checks and -2 to any checks at sea or onboard a boat.
  Blood of B’tar: Resist 5 poison
  Venschian Weapon Proficiency: You gain proficiency with the scimitar and glaive
  Blessed of B’tar: You gain the Channel Divinity of B’tar feature as a racial feature and may learn channel divinity powers from B’tar. Such powers may only be used once per encounter. Special: On the plane of the Greater Sea B’tar has no power, so his channel divinity powers are unusable.
  Luck of the Gods: You may use Luck of the Gods as a daily power.

(Luck of the Gods; Daily; immediate interrupt; Close burst 5; Allows one successful attack from an attacker in burst to be downgraded one step).

Venschian Rituals

Venschians have a large array of rituals concerned with the creation of constructs, each level of construct requiring a ritual of its level +2 for normal constructs, to its level +5 for difficult constructs (such as aerial constructs).

The Venschian

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